Karam & Aman's Pre-Wedding

January 3, 2017


First and foremost, wishing all you lovely readers a super 2017, May good luck, health and wealth be with you.


For MediaMechanix, 2016 was a wonderful year, one in which we met wonderful people who turned into wonderful friends.


For us the year ended with our newest newly weds, otherwise known a Karam and Aman.


These delightful two came to us through a referral (a good sign that we're doing something right!)

They had seen our previous work and were curious to inquire.


Our initial meeting was casual, we met at my house and went over the wedding itinerary over a hot cup of masala chai and snacks. Within minutes, I knew that this meeting was the start of lasting friendship,(especially as they booked us!).


So now that we had established a relaxed and comfortable relationship with each other, I knew that we would have great fun on the photo shoots, especially as Karam and Aman were happy to give anything a go.

Being a rather jovial couple, these two knew how to bring the best out of each other, all I had to do was capture it!


We started with the pre-wedding shoot, These pictures were highly important to Karam and Aman as they wanted them to be displayed as a slide show on their wedding day.

We all sat down and brain stormed together, they wanted a setting in which the background played a part in enhancing their love for each other.


Eventually, we decided that a sandy beach would be the ideal location, as we would be surrounded by nature and natural light, nature however had other ideas!


On our decided date, we went to a beach near Portsmouth early in the afternoon.

We were greeted by heavy winds and rain, and although Aman had spent a great deal of time getting ready, she had to, in the end tie back her wind swept hair and continue to pose as though these obstacles didn't exist.


Despite the bad weather, this couple continued to embrace each other and enjoy the shoot which made experimenting with our surroundings more enjoyable, (thankfully nobody caught a cold!)


The outcome of this experience is reflected in the pictures below, the intensity of the emotions these two have for each other is evident, the only thing that matters to them is being together on what has been captured as a secluded island with only them on it. 



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Karam & Aman's Pre-Wedding

January 3, 2017

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